The questions alcohol brings up vs the answers my version of reality gives


 D K: when the devils and the angels forget this land, what is left for us?

Stefy Kat we are the devils and the angels in this world_
it’s all about us..
nothing more and nothing less..

D K: i do believe that in some respects.. but then the second question comes to the fore.. what if we’re neither.. what if we are the middle ground where the angels and demons have equal footing.. what are we then..

Stefy Kat then we are Pinocchios…wooden puppets manipulated by other entities who have formed an image for RIGHT and one for WRONG and decide to pick a side and play for fun

D K: does our conscience really reflect the conscience of society? Do we merely accept it because that is what society expects? Or can we honestly choose to go against the norm and make our own moral judgements free from external persuasion?

Stefy Kat sometimes we do adopt the ideas that society presents as right some others we adopt the ones society disapproves just to feel that we go against the norm…but it’s always around society’s conscience-either for or against it. there is no one to go beyond it cause we are too cowards to explore new areas or cause there is-according to us- no point in doing that

D K: does power corrupt absolutely, or does the human soul corrupt because the human soul is corrupted? Are our desires born out of selfish-ness and base desires? Can we honestly aspire to greater things than our own sub-conscious desires?

Stefy Kat what power?! do you mean the illusion the society gives us to make us play?…the virtual bonus points that the game ‘LIFE’ gives us to motivate us? Even our desires are shaped from various external stimuli. Honesty is a fragile glass that frames all our thoughts..what is it other than that? does it really have a specific meaning and if it does is it objective?

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