Looking at life from the perspective of a third party that has nothing to do with it, I analyse and create an “escape” button, which you press when everything is just fucked up and you can fly to a parallel world. So, you reach the gate of this world and the first thing you see between the grilles is a sea so peaceful and so unique that just calms you down. Why sea? Sea is just the place where I can take the most important decisions for my life…there… underwater. I just open my eyes in it and I enjoy the blurry landscape…the shades of blue and the underwater currents. Suddenly the water washes away all the thoughts that bother me in my everyday life and I just let myself get lead by the waves that have now been created and start to mess up a bit the world underwater. Water…An inorganic material…inorganic like the form that preceded and follows life. Sounds pessimistic but that is one of the ways life can be defined…a chance to be organic and be able to have access to emotions, thoughts, and thus, start to make the most out of the body you are put into. To an extent you can though, since you are not and will never be the owner or leader of it. You will never have the ability to do whatever you want with it since there always will be factors disinclining you from doing that. You will always be put in a plastic play castle with bubbles of perfection and ideal situations that will only feed you with the satisfaction of living in them but in “reality” or whatever that is, they will be nothing but illusions, nothing but false representations of life…just a bunch of under-sizing mirrors. The question there is whether I am right or not and whether this third-party view should be adapted by others. No matter how childish and optimistic I may seem, I strongly recommend people to just adopt whatever view is more suitable for them and obviously, the whole free-will approach is nothing but a fairy tale to me…”too good to be true”. Besides we need to bear in mind that we do not even know how to differentiate what is real from what is not, since there is no definition for reality. After such an approach on life, I would not consider myself as a person who takes things for granted so no, I don’t think that what we are living is reality…I know it is something but I am not sure if it is real or not. It might be for example a virtual world like sims where someone or something makes us do things but we are not aware of it nor of who or what this player is. Yes, I might be mistaken, but I prefer living in point zero with no or limited things that are for sure…living in questions than adapting to one of the various pink bubbles that are being presented to us and are being created around us all the time just to feel safe and satisfied. I prefer doubt than lies or just foundation-free concepts, because the castle built on them can crush one day and I do not want to be destroyed whilst in it.

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