Walking down the street in the middle of the heavy rain, observing faces passing…shadows running…until there’s only me left…because there’s always only me left. There in the middle of the street but yet invisible…slowly kneeling down, then sitting and enjoying the sense of panic created by the rain. The city is lighten down…slowly turns into a ghost city and the colours that had come out with the sun are being washed away leaving shades of grey and black in their place. The stores are being deserted and the place feels now not even shadow-friendly, however I’m still there left alone…sitting…I won’t move…I can’t move rather…my feet are stuck to the ground as if they’ve grown roots. Suddenly my body feels heavy and I get dragged down…under the ground…and I fall…I fall endlessly without reaching a ground to stop my fall. As I fall, I get drowned in the waves of sorrow and solitude but even there I reach a point where I’m overwhelmed by peace and I rest…there into the black with thoughts, memories and melodies wrapping around me but there I feel safe…I feel calm…or rather I feel nothing…I think of nothing…I AM NOTHING!

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