Comfortable in the rain

There are these days when you wake up in a very weird mood. Frankly, it’s pretty usual but anything can put you down, or even lift you up. I tend to use the excuse “It’s due to the weather…” but I’m in England where the scent of romance in the air created by the sound of rain on the pavements and the shades of gray drawn on the melancholic sky, always surrounds people. Unfortunately though, most of them are too busy to enjoy it…or even if they do they take it as something bad, something depressing…

Water in each of its’ forms is soothing…cures wounds at least temporarily…washes away dirt, memories that shall not be kept, thoughts that bother people and haunt them…as well as hides feelings. Whether it’s in the form of tears or rain, it shall always act as a hut. Whilst in the rain no one can tell you are crying, no matter how much the wave of pain have crushed your heart, the rain will supply you with a protecting coat, making people think that everything is alright with you, it’s just the weather. This can be a relief and at the same time a second reason to be in despair…on the one hand, you don’t have to provide explanations, on the other, you deal with the concept that you come alone, you go alone and  between these points it’s you for yourself. No matter how many people surround you, you are lonely…that’s why people should realise that it is wrong to believe that the joy in life can be only found in human relationships. You are strong if you feel strong and if you are fine with yourself and love it, then you’ll be able to appreciate everything around you, whether that is the wind, a butterfly, or even a…special someone that might coincidentally pass right in front of you giving you a look and a mesmerizing smirk.

Happiness derives from you and once you find it, it is able to colour everything around you…it is a type of light that starts from you and reflects to things and people around you to finally return to your heart, giving you the impression that you need things or people to provide it to you…Just this concept makes people forever unfulfilled and greedy!

It has to be noted though that happiness is a dish for two; thus, once the two love each other, this dish will be enjoyed on a lovely table in the middle of the universe…somewhere up there between the stars…It shall be all about them with nothing worrying them about tomorrow or even yesterday.

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