R.I.P Taihg <3

It is one of those times when you realise life is nothing but a drop in the ocean. It is one of those times when you see that everything can end with just a blink of the eyes…What I have learned after one and a half years in Canterbury is that though it is a peaceful and fairytale-like city…once the sun sets, what is left is just a couple of shadows wandering around seeking for light, so that they can finally be released. This post is dedicated to one of the sunbeams of this ghost city. A guy that would not give a d*** about what world thinks, he would just close his eyes and drown in his melancholic tunes. He managed to put lyrics in the melodies of our souls and make people smile even for one minute.

I met him one day when he was playing his guitar and singing on high street for money to pay his rent. I am very glad I decided to spend my break from work out there with him defying the cold and singing. For him I was just the girl with the bright red lipstick and for me he was and will always be the guy with the angelic voice that would dedicate songs to me whenever I was passing by. He taught me that life is what you make it and that you should explore the world as much as you can…escape whenever you feel like it and take as many experiences as you can, since that is what life is about.

Little problems would not bring him down. He got locked out of his house one day but for him that was no big deal he would sleep on the street and play his guitar…He knew this street far too well for it to scare him. Very well known as he was, he would hang out with the other buskers in town and keep them company whenever they needed it. He was and will always be Canterbury’s boy…the boy that would make the day feel as if there was a sun shining even if it was cloudy. He was loved for what he was and he would spread a glance of happiness to everyone that knew him. A true superman he was, protecting his loved ones from mini threats and drunk people that would annoy them.

An explorer of life, a guy that desired adventures, fearless and loved by everyone whether they knew him or not…a soul that passed away at the age of 25, proud and happy, since even at this young age he could actually prove that he had tasted danger and loneliness and had lived to the full. I respect him  for the life he did, I thank him for the feelings he brought to my mind and soul with his melodies and I shall miss him and regret not having had the chance to travel as we were planning to do. The night he got killed, I got sick…unable to stand and was passing my days in my room but of course not only that…many other things as well.

Though I would really like to curse on the guy that did it…I find myself not being able to express myself and regretting any bad thought that could possibly cross my mind. The only thing I can say is…that Taihg was an angel…not meant to be in this world! Angels deserve the best and he was probably not meant to find it in this bubble of illusions…so it was time for him to move on to either nothing or something better.

You shall be missed, hun! Thanks for the lessons and the memories! I am honoured to have met you ❤

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