Who are you?

Have you ever had the feeling that you have met someone in a previous life even though you cannot recall having met him in this one?…Well I just had this feeling. Casually doing my shopping, I turned my head and saw an interesting face…of a father with his son. The father was around 30 and his son, a cute little angel of 2-and-a-half years old. Walking around the store I bumped into him several times and then found my way to the till which he chose as well and I started talking to his son, so the father looked at me smiling and encouraging his son to say hi to me. After he paid, he walked relatively slowly on his way to the exit and let his son play with the toys there…I followed him but by the time I did the exit had been locked already so I ran to the alternative one. I stood outside the exit he was at supposedly trying to light my cigarette and he looked at me and walked towards me. His son ran in circles around me and he stood next to me…both looking at his son smiling at each other…and finally started walking slowly together. I asked him how old his son was and got all emotional when he answered “two-and-a-half”…After 1 minute of pure soothing silence…he turned to me all calm and relaxed and asked “you alright?”, so I looked at him smiling as if I had just been taken out of my daydream and I replied “yeh…I’m fine” not really listening to what I was saying…I was lost in thoughts…in the velvet waves of my daydream…I felt oddly…I know this guy…He’s a french man that got a divorce from his wife because he was an alcoholic and now lives with his son casually sitting on his couch next to his tv that’s most of the times switched off…drinking his beers and thinking. Is it though my imagination being wild or do I actually know him? …Our paths separated as he walked towards the car park and I walked towards my house…we didn’t say goodbye…we just left this new…or rather old chapter open. It seemed as if this guy was a guy from my parallel world or from a previous life and my mind intrigued as he got it started searching deeply to find an answer to whether I had encountered this man before or not, to whether I actually know him or it was just my imagination running wild again. On the conscious part of my mind I had know images of him wrapped around questionmarks…him having raped me or rather his wife but then other thoughts growing to become overwhelming…and replacing these of him being aggressive with others of him just casually sitting on a couch in a house that was quite familiar to me though I obviously had not seen before…just peacefully drinking his beer drowned in thoughts and regrets trying to overcome his past of him being an alcoholic. Despite the fact that it sounds like it…it is definitely not me being judgmental nor trying to build a profile of this man judging by the cover but rather trying to identify him…and find an explanation to this unreasonable familiarity that I felt next to him when we chatted for a couple of minutes…These minutes though felt like ages! It seemed as if the time had stopped for a while and I was having a flashback to times where me and this random stranger were together…he was a stimulus that recalled a previous life if there was one and made me … I can’t even describe it… it was what it was and it felt right. I want to see you again, mysterious man…no matter who you are…You made me question my origin and try to figure out where I actually come from as well as search for the memories from when I had met you. All those weird paths life makes you stand on…and all those little things that intrigue you and make you search for your past…for all these I shall keep my eyes open and enjoy these little moments of confusion…hoping that I could get an answer. For the time being…there is one thing spinning round and round on my mind…I want to see him again. I desire to know! Nothing is just random…there is a reason behind everything and I hope that if it is a product of karma I will see him again…

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