Harry Poter

Harry Poter…an example of utopic messages flying faster than dry, cruel realities! So, hang on a minute…do people need to hand out magic wands and mops to motivate people to work together for a better world?? Is magic such a temptation to people that it could possibly kick all the stubborness, selfishness and laziness away? If that’s true then maybe going on the Harry Poter tour would be more efficient for world leaders’s education than studying politics at uni. What is this addictive substance that gets people so excited about this fairy tale? The fancy costumes? The illusion that an ordinary person may proven to be a magician? Secret powers? So pretty much another proof that we crave to live in pink bubbles of illusions…it’s probably in our nature! The entire time I’m observing my housemate getting excited about pieces of cloth, beds, candles…pretty much everything but okay have to admit that it’s quite an interesting experience even if you are not into harry potter. The whole production, the rooms, the costumes are brilliant! But to be fair going on the tour kind of ruins the whole idea of this story being something that is and will stay real in people’s minds and hearts…something far from the boring reality! On the other hand though, judging by the fact that there was a child that climbed on a roof of a building and attempted to fly, it’s better to keep some precautions!NOTE: it is quite scary to realise that most people here are…”Too old” to be THAT obsessed with Harry Poter…although I guess…if alcohol is for people above 18 to lower their inhibitions and enjoy a more fun version of reality then maybe Harry Poter is better. Back to the future leaders idea…now the question is should they be like Harry Poter or like Dumbledore? Probably like Dumbledore in order to have the power to persuade people that they can be upcoming Harry Poters. If that actually happened then he/she would have to make people realise that they don’t need a magic wand but a different mentality…stronger will and a bit of ego is quite useful sometimes…but only up to a productive point. What would be the catchy moto though of such a world leader? Let’s bring the magic back to life? Or alo homora…trying to show that he/she will open the doors to a new tomorrow, a better present and an even better future. Maybe J.K. Rowling could have a say on that.

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