The breeze of change

And there I was again…at the same cafe, at the same table, surrounded by known and unknown faces but for one moment I felt different. How obscure…feels like my changes affect the weather in a joky way of course. When I was experiencing my emotions to the full and thus, hanging from a different branch of the same tree every moment, mocking people from up there for being stable, the weather was tediously and annoyingly smooth. A summer day would be constantly hot and sunny with maybe some spits of rain every now and then, proving that ιt was England I was living in. Now the weather changes every two minutes, some beams of sun get switched off to be replaced by wind and some spits of rain, the spits of rain turn into heavy rain and before you even realise it, you find yourself contemplating whether it is snowing or it is just really cold and rainy. But before you even find the time tο reach a conclusion, there is a change in the weather again; the rain stops gradually this time and the sun is politely shooing the clouds away or rather moves them a bit, as if it’s feeling childish and is trying to find gratification to his childish impulses, hence his desire to play hide and seek. I, in contrast to that, find myself unable to βε affected by anything around it and thus, feelings of anger, happiness, sorrow, melancholy exist only as pins of thoughts put on the board in my mind, simply to set a label for each emotion, without being able to be sent to the gates of expression. Oddly enough, this new state I find myself in or rather a re-emerging one is quite relaxing. The only thing that intrigues me now, is whether this state is just a transitional one or it is meant to stay. Either way, I feel more energetic than ever, calm, worry-less as well as governed by the illusion of being flawless; quite a refreshing change or rather development.

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