Me, myself and I

Time to face reality. Behind all those claims and conclusions regarding love, affection and loneliness, there is only one thing; my naked self suspended in the air trying to find love in any encounter, any exciting smile, face, smirk, conversation. Despite the despair framing the above statement, there is truth or at least an illusionary wave of truth guiding it. I do miss affection. I do want something exciting in my life and bearing with myself though easy has become hectic lately. I am stubborn and I have issues. I am difficult to control and I am emotional. I am the most submissive person despite the dominance I show to be familiar with in terms of certain topics. I am a very independent person but I am aware that unconditional love is essential in my life. I am homeless and I am in desperate need of a shelter.
All the aforementioned purely prove my selfish reaction towards love and why I want it so much. I am tired of sitting by the river side simply because I see everyone getting what they want…which is beautiful but also something i would like to see myself be involved in. I am not complaining about the opportunities but i start doubting myself regarding my standards. Are they really worth it, is a spark that essential? anyhow…

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