The innocent beautiful mind of a naive, flawless, careless angel.

The worried eyes at the sight of change.

The word need flirting with that of change.

And then clouds. dark. dense. heavy.


Hopeful, meaningful, wonderful, motivating.

Letters of initiative, emotions and thoughts.

When in reality they are nothing.

Nothing more than a storm of symbols.

Nothing less than a maize of spider webs.

The fascinating idea of constructing a theory to picture time.

To picture the concept and the struggle wrapped around this illusion.

Saving time. Wasting money.

If saving time is expensive.

If saving time is the wheel that makes the society function and words are nothing.

Then maybe saving time has as a cost the loss or rather omission of meaning laying behind those symbols meant to be used for communication.

And once the meaning is lost, the communication between individuals though essential acquires a place in the routine, simply to be classified as a form of interaction with the environment. Simply to be blended in with the casual ‘to do’ lists. Simply as a matter of doing something other than nothing.

Is that a sign of fear towards nothingness?

Is this a sign of care in regards to being afraid of dealing with oneself?


No sense in the fear to deal with nothingness.

No sense in the need to change those beautiful illusions and interpretations of the world; that had been mainly constructed based on childhood models; them being the characters from fairy tales.

No sense in the need of communication/.interaction if that has nothing to give one.

No sense in thinking, though, that everything one does has to have an impact/ result on them. It is simply a selfish link between acting and time.

No sense in comparing what is done to be done and what is not.

No sense in this post.

No sense in the world.

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