Elements of an interesting conversation

Setting the scene.

Sitting on a bench at a park with a beer in the hands and a pack of cancer separating us. The words start flowing with no specific meaning or intention. We are standing on a new point on the circle of eternity embracing any following one unconsciously, yet setting our focus on the present one. Our words construct gates to our past with the frame of the future and every single one of them suggests issues that should or have been altered accordingly to ease our path and goals. Worries, stress and hints of insanity are all simplified revealing their causes and suddenly we are placed on top of the world and we develop into prospective kings and queens expected to govern it.

At a mere, pure glance towards the other participant to this conversation, words become insignificant despite the fact that the discussion is still going. What becomes clear, is that the words constitute only the pretext whereas the actual justification of this moment being enjoyable and in some obscure way addictive falls within what is not said. An unreasonable or rather unexplainable connection of the spirits of the two participants; and in case this does not constitute a robust explanation since the spirits are nothing that has been proved to exist, then the connection entails the minds of the individuals. There is a shift of meaning from the confused series of symbols (words) towards the non-verbal communication and at this point, an innocent smirk, two smiling eyes together with the awkward silences and the dance of the body between points at that park derive a sense and become able of being characterised or rather categorised with the prerequisite of emotions and not just logic. That awkward silence becomes healing and at times, a point of realisation. The dance of the body between points at that park and thus, his need to change place, his need to move may represent his need to stand tall despite what his words have shown about him, or even his desire to step off the tension for a second, in order to reset his thoughts and beliefs.

Signing the event with a powerful cuddle was a beautiful note of the evening. His swap of tension at the course of it could possibly be a remark of him putting some sense to it or even his overprotective nature making an appearance. However, despite the series of points open for further analysation and rationalisation of the meeting, the reason why it was interesting and lovely was the fact that even if we erase the aforementioned, it still had an impact on both participants to it; whether that was a big or small one. It left a taste on both minds as well as a trigger to repeat it under a different set.

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