A gate that leads to the sea


My doors of perception are wide open, though locked in the middle…
Seeing through them one shall face the ocean that defines me…
These doors present the eyes with which I observe the world…
and they have nothing to hide, they are guarding the peace within myself.

These doors are not doors, they are gates. They are paths and one-way roads to the depth of my soul. There one shall find the ocean. There one shall notice the layers of blue, the waves and a breeze that carries heat, moisture, and occasionally traces of ice and salt.

This ocean defines myself. This ocean frames myself. This ocean shall become myself and I shall become the ocean. In the end, I shall end up blended with the open sea. Drowned in the lower layers of it. Dark blue. Slightly heated. Undefinable. Unlimited. Inseparable from the mass of water. I shall as well carry some hints of light green due to the sunbeams intruding my prisms; the drops of water of which I am consisted. I shall as well hide treasures.

Alternatively, I might end up polluted.

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