Condense, yet coherent, or rather just a line of rambles.

“Attempting to put words to this pile of papers ruining the sense of organisation on my mind’s desk…There is a melody playing…you are expected to sing along but you have forgotten the words, your body is failing to move to the rhythm of it…it might be the fact that this melody is not the right for you, it might be because you are decline to learn it and make it your melody. You know how, you just do not feel like doing so. It is like standing on an easy or rather clear path and failing to move your feet since they are now numb due to all the hassle and pressure they have been exposed to over the past years. Your eyes are nailed on the destination, lightly shutting to focus on those blurry lines that appear in then horizon as your mind is attempting to fill in the gaps to construct the idea of this scenery at the end of this path. Focusing at the end line…ommitting to have a glance at the sights during the journey…blaming thyself for doing so and looking back…being close to forming regrets and yet feeling weaker than ever for finding thyself in this state. Wind blow. Freeze my body. Get my mind numb. Blow away all those boxes and words. These are the troubles of having lost the meaning in anything at all and at the same not believing in words. This is the time where you are examining the text, unable to apprehend the words in it since to you they are nothing but nonsense designs of ink that spilled on that sheet of paper. This is the time where you have a dirty canvas in front of you and you cannot erase the previous lines, nor continue it. What can you do? Throw it away? Burn it? It might not have been perfect so far…the line that you are trying to form this very moment might not be perfect, neither close to perfect, however it shall be in the end. It doesn’t have to be perfect, since perfection is an illusion…it simply has to be influential, it must cause you to smile with nostalgia when looking at it. It shall be what you want it to be…even if that means that it merely will be and this shall be everything and nothing to you.”

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