Evenings and faces…

One of the most wonderful things when it comes to human interaction and appreciation of life is the concept of a face; its form, the imperfections of it, the way it embraces the light when it falls on it, the way these beams of light spread when touching the skin…the sweetness of a smile…or even a smirk…the shine of one’s irises when it happens. It does indeed merely happen…as if the edges of the lips softly and gently stretch to reach the ears, like a flower spreading its petals when it falls on the ground…like the release of the air post a deep breath or even the relaxation of every muscle in one’s body when they sit on the couch after a long day.

Another beautiful thing about faces is the mysterious vibe that overwhelms your mind and soul when the faces are absent. The indefinite, infinite shade of white or occasionally grey or if you are myself of black, around and inside you…the lack of lyrics to the background theme of your life…an empty canvas about to be filled or rather to mirror your thoughts, your dreams, your fears…mainly your fears…an empty canvas that draws a picture of yourself, the size of the portrait depends on you. Despite that…you will find yourself forgetting about your face when there is no face around, you are destined to perhaps start looking for a picture or even a smooth surface purely to satisfy your need to experience the depth of a pair of eyes…perhaps the questionmark governing your lips. This need can only be explained as your inherent crave to define your mood…just to construct the topic of your thoughts that would follow this. Then you start questioning that as well…you start trying on other masks; ‘the happy’, ‘the sad’, ‘the puppy-eyes’…just to experience which fits better…

Faces…the intriguing impact of some lines inside an alternative frame.

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