What stays…

As you wander on a road with destinations derived from aspirations, failed dreams or hope-initiating stimuli, as you are facing the future and jumping through the present you realise that there are three things that stay; wounds, vampires and real things. Wounds are the marks that frame your face and attitude, vampires are nothing but what drains a part of your energy and real things are what seemed like gold and you never actually realised that it actually was. When you are indulging in people merely on the grounds that there will be something that will give you a reason to stay away from them, you reach that point when that something is not identified. Due to the fact that rather often this inability of them to be identified is a product of a choice you have made and has wrongfully overwhelmed you with a feeling of completeness and security, this very situation makes you believe that the new event in your life is another situation of that sort…that blurs your sight and numbs you as you are trying to decide whether you need to act upon it or not.

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