Wandering in the fog

‘I never understood this fascination towards mortality and death, or it could be because I did not choose to analyse it. This overwhelming divinity of it as one of the few things we cannot control has a numbing effect on us which is accompanied by silence and emptiness. And it reaches the point where it defines our lives. Maybe because our actions are ridiculously insignificant in front of this divinity. Maybe because this divinity reminds us of the life we lead. The more active we got, the higher was our need to embrace the divine emptiness of the absence of life. Seeking for calm was our excuse, and perhaps it was more than a good explanation. ‘People are loud’ was an observation we kept repeating to ourselves to break this calmness. We hopped on a boat…We sailed until the middle of the line that separated the infinity of the ocean from the waters of the shore. We were embraced by death and we were sailing on the souls of destiny. I stood up on the sail, tripped and fell in the water. The icy cold layers of it wrapped around me and the coolest ones switched my brain off. The water had become this neon green force that was meant to take me and place me back to the shore where death was standing checking the time that souls had arrived before his lists. There I was then. Floating…heavy due to my clothes…getting ready to either drown or be sent to Hades.’

  • S.

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