We needed an idea in order to escape. An idea that we would use on our living-room carpet to turn it into a magical one and like barefoot Aladdin and Jasmine to fly away from everything that appeared dry, meaningless and uninspiring. I thought the idea was him, and he found me for the idea he wanted to apply. The idea was there and the task was placed on me to enhance and apply. He would continue his routine and I had to find our way out. So, I kept on researching the corners of the knowledge to mark the limits of it that determined the size of this gap. But this gap led to an abyss and I could not find my way back out…This idea became a parallel life…a means to an end that was not truly enjoyable yet had designed a shadow on my irises, much like a defect from an LSD overuse. And there it was…our demon waiting to be tamed and a giant clock that was ticking to our disadvantage marking the stressful deadline that felt closer than ever. Either now or never…Be productive. Be analytical. Be organized. Get out of your comfort zone, as you always preach. It is time and it is you against that light next to the camera that has been documenting your omission to live. Nothing matters but your completion so that your mind hushes for a second. Erase all doubt. Take a deep breath and dive. You might find yourself this way. Besides, dear mind, you have been allowing the fingers to stumble upon notes on the piano due to complaints…and you have been allowing them to sketch as an omission-like reaction…and that truly deviates from the creation we can achieve. Hush, little baby. It is going to hurt this time.

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