Analysing the sky

Diary entry on photo diary – February 13th, 2016

‘And somewhere further away there is a source of light that attracts a series of more spherical magnetic fields that are almost hypnotising…giving you the illusion that you are soaring off the ground, making you feel invinsible and forcing you to delve into the depths of your abyss to retrieve the inner force that ever kept you grounded…in order for you to either use it, break it or abuse it…’ – S.


Second Diary entry on photo diary – February 13th, 2016

‘There are volcanoes in the sky that explode burning whatever surrounds them, yet there are also explosions that take place in a galaxial cemetery, last for millenia causing others to glorify them and never harming anything around them…inspiring as they pass one more day to their absolute and irreversible disappearance, until the new star is born, or even chaos overwhelms all those that ever looked up to them…sometimes I feel like that minus the glory…sometimes I see myself as that minus the audience…those times I look up to the sky and ask the sun to shed some light on me…to speed up my enlightenment.’ – S.

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