Facing the sea

Diary entry on photo diary – July 8th, 2016

“The closer I get to the infinity and divinity of the sea, the more futile I feel…futile and insignificant. Then the lack of limits to what I am seeing intrigues my will to abscond.”, she said.

“Which feeling would drive you, should you seek to find a balance?”, he replied.

“I would reach for my dream and my futility before the divinity of the absolute happiness would kill me, so I would return to the abyss.”, she said.

“We all acknowledge the end and try to go back and make the most of every situation we currently live in…”
“Why would you return to the abyss then?”, he asked.

“That’s the only place that makes me feel at home, dear.” she responded smiling and dived in the deep blue.’

– S.

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