Quarantine | The Lockdown Version | Day #1

I freaked out. I shouted. I swallowed my voice ten times today. I pretended to be happy for some friends on the social media. I avoided the friends I have recently acquired. I avoided talking to anyone who sees me as anything but a friend. I avoided talking to my mother about anything that pisses me off. Then I texted the government to let them know we are going to the supermarket. I saw people walking around like zombies. Is the shitty weather making this whole thing worse? Should I move to a place where there is always sun? I have never seen Greece so dead. I freaked out. I swallowed my voice. We went for coffee. Take-away of course. Wearing gloves. I greeted the baristas saying “Hello co-inmates”. They didn’t get the joke. As I was waiting for my coffee, I composed a song. I recorded the idea. Went back home to work because I couldn’t focus in the morning. This whole quarantine is a fucking never-ending Monday that is presented to us as a Sunday, isn’t it? Oh well. Caffeine-levels are high again so I can almost taste a desire to live.

Thought about committing suicide: 6 times

Thought about leaving the country: 3 times

Thought about moving to a hotel: 3 times

Thought about re-decorating my room to turn into my personal space: 2,5 times

Thought about designing a game and forcing fellow inmates into it: 2 times

Helped a friend with music: 2 times

Lied to myself about this whole situation being fine: 2 times



featured image: Unsplash | Mitch Lensink | @lensinkmitchel



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