Quarantine | The Lockdown Version | Day #4

After going in and out of sleep like a person in need of curing the hungover life is giving them, I went for a beautiful walk in people’s minds. One may say that the sad aspect of this quarantine is that communication has not stopped. We expose ourselves to this craze; that is, the craze of overcommunication. It is natural – we are confined, right? We expose ourselves to the opinions of various friends that we have gathered throughout our lives and we indulge in our need to connect. There is nothing particularly wrong about connecting with other people. In fact studies have shown that connection can benefit our development as human beings. Besides we do declare our kind as homo socialis.

Nevertheless the so-called “confinement” has urged us to overcommunicate, to over-expose ourselves to a series of utterly pointless discussions with people that feel the need to express their inner confusion and despair. [Yes, here I am, writing a blog entry that I would like people to read. Of course I am one of those people] Isn’t this how the wonderful tool that the internet portrays becomes the astonishing prison that nullifies our mind’s ability to process anything? Isn’t this how we become numb and incapable of feeling anything? If I could draw an analogy for our overcommunication, I would choose to illustrate as a walk around a small squared room filled with people with no eyes and no ears who can do nothing but shout loudly. The worst thing is that you are the one taking this walk and you are the only ear in the room. However this noise is cheeky, because you cannot actually hear it. You can only feel the headache afterwards. Take a step back. Disconnect for a couple of hours. Overexposure to people’s buttholes would eventually turn you into either a proctologist or a toilet, but we both know that you don’t qualify for the former.

Summing up my day, I did nothing but satisfy every single need that I have developed throughout my interaction with society. I inserted healthy food in my body, yet also 20gr of chocolate. I spoke to all my friends and expressed to them my sorrow regarding the fact that this quarantine is preventing us from uniting. Oh the social lies. I worked. I exercised. I watched a play from the digital archive of one of the theatres in Greece. And here I am completing the blog entry I promised myself I would complete. I need to find my inner balance, otherwise after this quarantine I will need to go into a mental quarantine for months.


Featured Image: Boston Review

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