Quarantine | The Lockdown Version | Day #5

My entries feel somehow pointless. I guess today I am in no mood to actually write. Let’s  design a point though. The point will be how obscurely didactic the first series of words on a foreign language dictionary can be. The dictionary I used for today’s entry is a Hungarian-English dictionary that came to my possession three years ago when I was embracing my ability to fall in love in the stunning city of Budapest.

The first page of this szótár (dictionary in Hungarian) by Országh László reads as follows:

a: the

abba : into that, there

abbahagy : stop, break off; ha nem hagyod abba if you go on like this

abbamarad : cease, be interrupted

abban : in that; ~ az esetben in that case

abból : from/ of that, therefrom

ábécé : the alphabet, a b c

ábécéskönyv : spellingbook, (atv) primer

ablak : window, (jegypénztáré) booking-counter

ablakpárkány : window-ledge

ablakredőny : shutter-blind

ablaküveg : window-glass

abnormis : abnormal

abortusz : abortion, miscarriage

ábra : illustration, figure

abrak : fodder

ábránd : fancy, fantasy, daydream ; hiú ~ vain hope; ~okat kerget chase after rainbows

I went though the words quickly. I do not speak hungarian unfortunately, but that does not prevent me from finding beauty on the sound of the words as well as the richness of the language. My eyes locked when I came across the phrase “chase after rainbows”. It felt as if in that very phrase my mind had found the reason why I was looking at those words in the first place. Allow me to present you exactly what my mind ended up reading.

” The [situation that cannot be named]. Break out [of it].

[You are] into that. If you go on like this, [you will] cease [to look outside of] the window.

[You’ll lead a life being] shutter-blind. [You’ll become] abnormal. Abort it.

Illustrate your figure[; that is, the figure you wish to become] and [choose your] fantasy. [Go out and] chase after rainbows.”

So, the point of this diary entry is that it is difficult to find meaning when you are seeking specific answers. When you are seeking for specific answers you tend to expect them to be given to you in a specific form. Well, this is not how life works. There is no point/ meaning in anything. Nevertheless, you are surrounded by meaning.

Good night.


Bibliography: L. Országh, Magyar-Angol Szótár (Sixth Edition, Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest 1964)

Featured image: Pexels | Jimmy Chan



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