Quarantine | The Lockdown Version | 3 days to go…

I am not a photographer. I never wanted to become one. There are however times when you are walking on the street, listening to a beautiful song and as that perfectly intact sequence of words, notes and vocals gets your mind daydreaming, you find your eyes opening to find a random point in your surroundings. They are seeking for a point in which they will be allowed to rest as your memory allows your imagination to creatively assess everything you have experienced as well as everything you regret not having experienced. In some of those moments you may be lucky enough to open your eyes to a perfectly banal scene that just needed the magic touch of music; and specifically the touch of that song you have replayed four times by now. And in those moments you feel the need to capture what you feel so intensely that you almost see it. In those moments you are overwhelmed by the idea that you are witnessing a story that has and will never be written. In those moments you realise that a second of absolute silence after a perfect song could invest such meaning to a simple scene. In those moments you see what is truly real. #banalmoments #music #streets #streetphotography #photoedits #evening #walkabouts #wanderlust #stayandwander #inspiration #aftersunset

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