Quarantine | The Lockdown Version | 2 days to go…

What if nature did take over? What if plants grew on the remains of people’s version of meaning? What would be the proof that you ever existed? What would prove that you ever stood out? Who would be the judge of that and who would stay to celebrate the memory of you? I’ve never heard the ivy sing to neither the sweet nor the harsh blowing of the wind. There might not be a song framing your creations. There might not be traces to prove the existence thereof. The memory of you may simply be as delicate as an idea, as strong as the most abyssal scream and as fragile as a shard of thin glass. You would then be nothing but the only proof that there once was a body who held a thinking mind that stressed over time. #streets #house #abandonedhouse #abandonedphotography #beforesunset #streetphotography #plants #abandonedbuildings

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