The noble art of Sailing

Despite my love for diving,                         
I’ve kept my oceans calm
Not for steady departures
but for the wheel to stay in my hand.

I would only pull my anchor
when the boat would reach a port
Waiting for it to crash on a lighthouse
that has often felt like a home

The magic is found in glimmers
of beams escaping the clouds
and the ocean shimmers
in their uncontrollable bows.

Should you spot a figure in the offset
don’t hesitate to call it a muse
looking at it might make your mind reset
to catch a dream though you need a gentle push.

Ask the muse all you are afraid to answer
and you’ll receive tales of your fears
Keeping your demons a bit closer
might make your thoughts more sincere

If the waves rise in sight of your muse
don’t step back, light a fag,
observe the waves cover the sun
and don’t reminisce moments on land.

It is not the end.

It is a new start.

It will make you want to sail for real this time.

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