Project In Progress

The art of molding meaning

At the course of our evolution as species we have engaged in practices aiming to find a subject behind everything that we cannot explain. Perhaps the first humans on earth looked up and frightened by the first storm they named it something similar to God. If that is true, a part of our evolution included the evolution of a need for faith in something to explain the unexplainable. This obviously triggered the creation of various new words over time to refer to that Almighty Deity. Nevertheless our strive to evolve did not end there and our constant technological and interpersonal evolution as parts of a community, started to complicate the process of satisfying our basic needs or rather to urge us to seek the satisfaction of more than simply our biological needs; especially in cases when our biological needs where not sufficiently met.
When we reached the point of realizing that there are more than one options of satisfaction to one basic need, the element of purpose in every action we took became extinct or blurry. At some point that has not been proven as definite, there was a strict yet seriously unclear distinction between good and bad. At some point that is equally unclear, our need to reproduce became a path towards finding a connection, romance and love. At some point, the nomadic life became something accessible to all and not only to some courageous sailors, dictators or even geographers. And here we are now, residents of an utterly disconnected “one world” in which “peace” governs over all the “lawful” armed conflicts that occur, making the most out of mobility rights through the borders of the countries of this world, becoming nomads and homeless to embrace the idea of our unified home – Earth, trying to reach our individualistic self actualization to contribute to the collective good and seeking an element of divinity in anything tangible or intangible in the process based on the beliefs of civilizations that had discovered less about the world than we have now.
All the above opposites cultivate a need to create a home in a connection that could be formed during a fleeting moment of our lives. Our personal journeys in life shape the type of connection that we think we would mostly benefit from. Since the world is too big for the law of attraction to be applied perfectly, clubs facilitate the creation of a home and encourage the creation of links between like-minded people. Since humans cannot value the connection so highly because it is intangible, they attach themselves to the setting in which it was formed. And within minutes, clubs become a type of home to host us homeless people that seek inspiration and meaning. Since some clubs are border-free and open to everyone, they instantly become a home in spite of the distances that people have to cross to reach it. However, a home can never be godified despite its high value. Therefore, I chose to add the element of magic.
Within this context of opposites and as the gap between meaning, expectation, reality and idea (in the words of Plato) increases, I would like to create a magical world. This world will be the product of a respectful yet twisted interpretation of the following: the Scottish myth about Kelpies, the Christian depictions of angels, numerological teachings regarding the number seven, the Filipino myth about the Seven Moons, the Fibonacci theory on symmetry and the fortune-telling practices of coffee. The entire installation will include sketches, paintings and prints that will be created based on the shapes that are formed if one pours Greek coffee on a surface. Following the outline of the coffee’s stain, snippets of that magical world will be illustrated based on my interpretation of numerology and Fibonacci’s symmetry. The actual images will include the illusions and malevolence that the Kelpies symbolize, the protection that is brought by the angels, and the duality (between good and bad) of the moons and the female presence that has to be tackled when one strives to reach the light.

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