Peaches in whipped cream

I took the memory of your scent, the heat of your embrace and the sound of your voice as it tickled my ear when you uttered “Goodnight peach” and built a new canvas aiming to liberate me from my overall numbness. I made brushes out of the pictures you painted with your analysis of my work, the people passing by and all your brother sees in you… And I am dying to create an entire project that would escort me to the end of my life. But I need more signs of you and my body is now playing with my mind and  I waste time recreating my memories of you and adding a spicy twist to illustrate the times when your eyes were closer to me than I had allowed anyone to be in a while. They were close enough to unite with me… Close enough to trigger my senses and make me reach my peak. Yet far enough for me to have the option of seeing you disappear as quickly as you enterred my life. I even found a new studio for this project. It is my rooftop. And now as soon as I return home from work, I run as quickly as I can to reach it so that I catch the moon at its most beautiful. And I fail. Sometimes I forget to charge the camera. And I am just standing there… looking at the moon… trying to pick my words correctly so that they can reach you.

Featured image: Unsplash | Michael Waddell

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