Don’t fall for me in Autumn

“Don’t fall for me in Autumn”

There is something
about the autumn leaves
That urges me to seek
A certain romance in two eyes

I blame it on the rain
That accentuates the scents around
And the colours that
awaken my eyes

So I turn my head around
Seeking tunes to the dances
On my mind with a certain you
With whom I’ld exchange deep glances

But please don’t fall
for me
in autumn
Cause the magic’s drawn
from the natural beauty
You’ld meet in your every walk

Oh it is getting cold
We got a hot drink in our hands
And our bodies
seek to be hugged

Though the snow is scarce
We can’t stop thinking of romance
So we search for two eyes
to meet ours

Since loneliness is a fact,
the dark and cold sky
make it harsh
So we seek for a chance for warmth

So please don’t fall
for me
In winter
Cause the cold makes our demands
Be as misty as our breaths on the glass

And right in the middle
Of a year filled by dreams
Our soul begins to sing
In the summer

The sun is way up high
The heat is turning us to the sea
And with the highs and lows of waves
Is how we choose to be

Closeness is messy
Our bodies finally breathe
Our minds are claiming
flings and peace

Please don’t fall
For me
In the summer
Cause every word you say to reach me
Will be as permanent as a drop on the street

Oh please wait
if you wish to kiss me
Let the snow
Melt properly down

Wait till Spring
With no need to reach me
Let your heart
Bloom to this new start

Take a step and stand beside me
Look away and hush your mind
As the waves brush the sand before us
See how the sea fuses into the sky

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