Blow on a dandelion. Wish to be happy.

Now that we have all worked hard on ourselves during the lockdown and are better as expected of course, I feel that we are all living our dreams. I am fairly certain that the light flight of the butterflies of our souls is what caused the Ianos tornado. If you haven’t already caught the sarcasm […]

Quarantine | The Lockdown Version | 3 days to go…

I am not a photographer. I never wanted to become one. There are however times when you are walking on the street, listening to a beautiful song and as that perfectly intact sequence of words, notes and vocals gets your mind daydreaming, you find your eyes opening to find a random point in your surroundings. […]

Και τώρα αρχίζουν όλα…(1.5 μέρα μένει)

Και όπως τελείωνει το κεφάλαιο “σχολείο”, γυρνώ γρήγορα πίσω τις σελίδες και κάνω μια σύντομη αναδρομή…Εικόνες, σκέψεις, ήχοι, συναισθήματα, λάθη, πάθη, τρέλλα, κλάμα…Αν με ρωτάς, τι θα μου λείψει από όλα αυτά, η απάντηση είναι “τίποτα!”. Ό,τι θέλω και αγαπώ το έχω καρφιτσώσει καλά στην καρδιά μου και θα κατέχει πάντα ένα ξεχωριστό μέρος στο long term […]