Blow on a dandelion. Wish to be happy.

Now that we have all worked hard on ourselves during the lockdown and are better as expected of course, I feel that we are all living our dreams. I am fairly certain that the light flight of the butterflies of our souls is what caused the Ianos tornado. If you haven’t already caught the sarcasm […]

Pick your fairytale

Didn’t want to disappoint youIt was easier to leaveIt ain’t easy to ignore youYou are the face I want to keep I don’t want to move on eitherThere is no point in trying to findAn alternative to the magicI experienced by your side Lelkem I find myselfgoing through the pictures that we sharedLelkem I lose […]

Project In Progress

The art of molding meaning At the course of our evolution as species we have engaged in practices aiming to find a subject behind everything that we cannot explain. Perhaps the first humans on earth looked up and frightened by the first storm they named it something similar to God. If that is true, a […]

The noble art of Sailing

Despite my love for diving,                         I’ve kept my oceans calmNot for steady departuresbut for the wheel to stay in my hand. I would only pull my anchorwhen the boat would reach a portWaiting for it to crash on a lighthousethat has often felt like a home The magic is found in glimmersof beams escaping the cloudsand […]

Sudden Doubt

I am trying to eraseevery detail of your face’cause it is stuck on my mindand it is aiming to replace all that I held as homeall that I kept as my ownmy chosen sense of lovethe face I chose as my one I am failing to stop itat times I feel I want itand there […]

Memory-like Reality

I don’t want dare to fallfor one more word’cause your face aintthe one at my doorAnd I could openmy windowbut I’ld rather seek your traceson my soul So I find the lighton a face I called minethough he aint standingby my sideSo I find the sunin a memory that’s goneand the more I delveI don’t […]

Μην με ακουμπάς

Κοιτάζομαι στον καθρέφτη και κινώ το κορμί μου μπρος και πίσω, δεξιά και αριστερά…μέχρι να κουραστώ και να αφήσω τον έλεγχο. Εστιάζω στα μάτια μου και βλέπω την λάμψη τους να αλλοιώνεται όσο πλησιάζω το φως της τουαλέτας και όσο απομακρύνομαι από αυτό. Θα σπάσει. Δεν θα σπάσει; Θα σπάσει το σχοινάκι που με κρατάει […]

Μην με κοιτάς

Θέλω να σε αγγίξω αλλά όταν με κοιτάς φοβάμαι Απλώνεις τα χέρια σου και θες να με αποκτήσεις Ενώ δεν υπάρχει λόγος…δεν μπορώ να τον δω και ίσως δεν θέλω Γιατί δεν σε κοίταξα για να μείνεις – δεν θα μπορούσα άλλωστε να σε κρατήσω Και δεν έχω αρκετούς λόγους για να κάτσεις… Ούτε θα […]

Quarantine | The Lockdown Version | 1 day to go…

There are some masterpieces that I will never be able to depict exactly as they were gifted to me. A masterpiece as such is the sky as it frames everything we perceive as our surroundings, the smells that elevate our spirit and cause our faces to be raised due to the satisfaction we are experiencing, […]